10 Bedtime Items to Send You Off to Otaku Dreamland!

Having trouble sleeping? Never fear! We’ve brought together some of the most adorable sleep accessories so far invented to help send you off to the land of sweet dreams in no time at all. From pillows to pyjamas, you’ll be all set for a quiet night in with these ten solutions for a good night’s sleep.

1. Relax with Rilakkuma Super Mochi Mochi Pillows~

Rilakkuma and friends are committed to helping you relax so what better way to kick back than with the gang themselves? You’ve got your pick of Kiiroitori, Korilakkuma, or Rilakkuma, but no matter which cutie you pick, one of these squishy pillows is the perfect friend to accompany you off to the land of dreams.

Drift on to dreamland with Rilakkuma over here~

2. Hoping for a round cushion to hug? Try this super sweet Korilakkuma cushion!

If you really want to get a good night’s sleep, this lovely round cushion is the best solution! Why? It’s from the Sweet Dream of Korilakkuma series, in which the adorable little bear falls asleep watching a snow globe and has a lovely dream about strawberries~

Fall into a strawberry dream by clicking here!

3. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take a Nemu Nemu Hug Pillow with you!

If you’re worried about scary dreams or monsters hiding under the bed, get yourself a little buddy to help calm your fears! These fluffy hug pillows are asleep already to show you that it’s perfectly safe to get some shut eye.

Meet your new sleepy friends over here~

4. Still can’t get to sleep? Take some lessons from a dreamy Nemuriale Sleep Aid Kitten

Specially designed by a Japanese doctor, the Nemuriale Kitten is a real sleep expert who pulses gently to help you get into a calming rhythm. Cute and cuddly, she’s perfectly primed to have you drifting off peacefully in no time at all.

Book an appointment with this special little kitten over here!

5. Stiff neck keeping you up? Pusheen your worries away with a neck pillow!

Pusheen won’t just cheer you up with her adorable looks, she’ll make your neck feel better too! Get your head in the right place at home with this cute Pusheen neck pillow, or take her with you when travelling for some much needed shut-eye.

Rest your weary head over here!

6. Get back to your glory days with a Nintendo NES Controller Throw Blanket…

Remember all those amazing days where you just played Nintendo well into the night? These days it may be more important to get sleep, but you can still cloak yourself in Nintendo dreams with this fun blanket designed just like the classic controller!

Wrap yourself up in some glorious Nintendo!

7. Live inside your dream with a pair of Damegi Pajamas!

Shut yourself off completely from the outside world with a pair of wonderfully comfortable onesie pajamas! The pajamas have an opening for your mouth so you can still snack on your favorite treats if you’re still not feeling sleepy but otherwise they’ll be sure to protect you from nighttime scares of all kinds.

Jump into your sleep suit here!

8. Achey feet? What you need is a Nemu Nemu Animals Printed Foot Cushion!

The problem with slippers is they’re designed for people who want to walk around but don’t want to go outside. What you need is a foot cushion to rest your weary feet on and warm them up before bedtime! These adorable cushions come with a pattern of sleepy animals to help get you in the mood.

Put your feet up over here~

9. Don’t let the sun stop you sleeping! Blot it out with a fun eye mask.

No need to worry about being woken up by the sun! Get yourself a fancy eye mask and fool your own friends into thinking you’re a top ninja, geisha, or scary kabuki mask.

Check it out for yourself over here!

10. If all else fails try some chamomile tea in an equally calming Pusheen Pastel Mug~

If you’re feeling a little down or anxious, sometimes a nice hot drink can make all the difference. This pretty Pusheen mug is sure to make you feel better right away with its peaceful pastel colors and cute design.

Make yourself a lovely cup of tea over here!

Now that was a relaxing read! If you always need help carrying yourself off to dreamland, why not try picking up one of these as a new friend?

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