10 Gorgeous Miku Works to Celebrate Miku Day!

Did you know that Hatsune Miku has her own day in Japan? 3 and 9, the numbers from the date Mar. 9, can be read as “mi” and “ku”, meaning that it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite virtual diva!

As with other Vocaloids, the appearance of Miku and the message she delivers is limited only by creators’ imaginations. To celebrate over 10 years of this iconic singer, enjoy these 10 gorgeous works of Miku art!

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired artwork is overflowing with adorable bows and of course, white rabbits! Can you find how many there are of each?

2. “Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary” by Allgroassai

Miku’s cute factor is at an all-time high in this photo featuring not one, nor two, but a whopping eleven Mikus! With a huge range of expressions, no matter which your eyes land on, you’re sure to smile.

3. “Birthday×Kiss” by Yuu[Melancholy]

The sweet side of Miku is captured in this indulgent visual originally created for a 10th anniversary collaboration with AEON. How could anyone refuse a sugary treat from this gorgeous diva?

4. “miku” by mikazuki akira

Miku also has no problem looking absolutely alluring in this summery illustration! From the flow of her hair and distinctive swimsuit design to the koi and flower motifs, there are plenty of details to admire.

5. “Rainbow Symphony” by Yuu[Melancholy]

Hatsune Miku Symphony, a full orchestral concert starring Miku and her songs, was held again in 2017 with great success. Illustrated for the event, this stunning visual evokes the beauty of Miku’s music, as well as that of her fellow Vocaloids. Look forward to the 2018/2019 symphony as well, to be held in Tokyo and Osaka!

6. “Hatsune MIKU 10th Anniversary” by Yoshimi OHTANI

See stars in this 10th anniversary illustration celebrating Miku’s 10th anniversary! The distinct lines and background gradient give this depiction a somewhat surreal atmosphere, a change of pace from Miku’s usual sweet smile.

7. “Serenity” by HunterX-v2 ‘n Bellechan

The beauty of Miku’s Hanairogoromo figure is elevated in this wonderfully serene photo – as if the kimono by itself wasn’t already gorgeous enough!

8. “1129 / 10th anniv. (1/2)” by Yuu[Melancholy]

Despite the abundance of huge bows, this Miku is looking rather mature as she gazes calmly out, perhaps an effect of her iconic turquoise fading into black – however, the pink accents also add a welcome pop to the visual!

9. “Miku 10th Anniversary” by Tsubonari

It’s impossible not to be wowed by the almost ghostly depiction of Miku’s signature ponytails and those striking eyes. Although she’s still definitely recognizable, this illustration marking her 10th anniversary brings out a whole new side to the diva.

10. “Hatsune Miku Natsutsubaki Yukata” by Allgroassai

Miku Day may still be a while off from summer, but it’s easy to imagine the warm breeze and bright sun filtering through the leaves with this adorable yukata figure photo. Just sit back and relax with Miku!

With Miku having celebrated her 10th anniversary, naturally there were plenty of works marking that milestone. Here’s to many more years of Miku and her amazing songs!

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