10 Sakura-Themed Treats to Make Flower Viewing Even Sweeter!

Spring has truly sprung, and Japan is no exception with beautiful cherry blossom trees in many areas in full bloom! Of course, the stunning views are also perfect inspiration for tons of sweets, both delicious and attractive. Whether you’re planning your own hanami (flower viewing outing) or just want to see the incredible items out there, here’s a list of 10 treats that are bound to get any sakura lover’s mouth watering!

1. Enjoy an elegant sakura afternoon tea at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo!

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is offering a romantic experience with 20 kinds of black tea to enjoy with all sorts of delicious cherry blossom-themed items. from Mont Blanc made with sweet sakura sake and gateau to savory choices like foie gras.

2. Enjoy the art of the traditional Japanese fan with candy from Asakusa Amezaiku Ame Shin!

As a store of the traditional Japanese candy amezaiku, Asakusa Amezaiku Ame is known for the techniques they use to produce stunning works of art in the form of animals made using hard candy! That same technique is now being used to create these uchiwa candies. As a creation inspired by Japanese fans, this Tokyo Skytree store-only design emphasizes the classic seasonal motif in a beautiful pink pattern.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweets galore at Sweets & Deli!

Sweets & Deli is the perfect place to celebrate the season! Along with classic favorites, special creations with cherry blossom twists include sakura anpan, sake cake, roll cake, and more.

4. Decorate your plate with a flower garden at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is bringing the cherry blossom experience to your plate with visual masterpieces including one particularly striking item: a cherry blossom mousse with delicate chocolate decorations designed to look like a cherry blossom branch on the ground!

5. Enjoy sakura as a work of art at Blue Brick Lounge!

Confectionery store Yoku Moku’s Blue Brick Lounge is offering a limited edition seasonal (and super pink) Sakura Creme Brulee. In addition to the beautiful dessert itself, the light sakura petals lightly dusted on the sides provides the perfect touch for any lover of spring.

6. Cherry blossoms encapsulated in the moment (by Eitaro’s jelly!)

There’s something magical about seeing flowers inside of jelly, having captured them at their peak where they’ll never wilt! There’s no season more deserving of beautiful sakura jelly than this one, so make it last with a serving from Eitaro.

7. Perfect for those who just want it all: Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto’s fully loaded sakura sweets box!

Seeing all of the beautiful and yummy-looking sweets on this list makes it pretty obvious that choosing is no easy task. If you’re having trouble, you can’t go wrong with the Sakura Sweets Box at Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto! It includes tarts, Mont Blancs, daifuku, shortcake, cheesecake, and more.

8. Turn to an old favorite for cherry blossom mornings~

Every year Starbucks comes out with wildly popular seasonal items, and this spring they’re back with cherry blossom-flavored chiffon cakes, donuts, scones, milk pudding, tea, frappuccinos, and lattes! It’s a pretty great way to work something special into your morning routine~

9. This limited edition sakura crepe is fully loaded and mouthwatering!

Max Brenner is a world-famous chocolate bar with a menu pulled straight out of every chocolate lover’s dream. In addition to the usual chocolate pizza (yes, pizza!), fondue, cakes, shakes, and plenty of other treats, the Tokyo Skytree branch is celebrating the season with a limited edition item: the Sakura Mochi Crepe Brulee~ It’s decorated with cherry blossom anko, ice cream, and strawberries!

10. Take in the Andaz Tokyo atmosphere while enjoying some spring-themed roll cake!

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with the soft, sweet, and fluffy deliciousness of a roll cake, and it’s the perfect treat to indulge in while enjoying a spring afternoon at Andaz Tokyo’s Pastry Shop! That’s not all, though: they also have cherry blossom eclairs, almond jelly, Mont Blancs, cheese tarts, macarons, and even marshmallows!

With so many delicious sakura items, it’s difficult to pick just one! Which is your ideal treat to enjoy along with the beautiful blossoms?

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