8 Must-See Magical Items For Your Inner Magical Girl!

Magical girls, it’s time to assemble! But first, how are you supposed to fight evil if you aren’t fully equipped?! So pull out your weapon of choice, find somewhere comfy to relax, and enjoy!

1. Bring Sailor Moon and her friends around with you as an ultra powerful good luck charm!

When it comes to magical girls, it’s wrong to start anywhere but Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Whether you’re fighting alongside the Sailor Senshi or just going about your regular school or work life, it’ll be way more charming to have Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, or Tuxedo Mask with you, so the Bandai Shokugan Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon Special Box Set is perfect to start off with! Each of these comes with their special items including Sailor Moon’s Transformation Brooch, Chibiusa’s Space-time Key, and Tuxedo Mask’s Star Locket.

Get your hands on a set of your own here!

2. If one Twinkle Dolly isn’t enough, try your hand at the Madoka Magica series!

Twinkle Dolly is back again with these adorable Madoka Magica mascots! They’re based on Rebellion with Devil Homura making an appearance, and the lineup also includes Madoka with her Soul Gem, the before-mentioned Devil Homura with her Dark Orb, Mami with her Soul Gem, and Bebe paired with the Nagisa Soul Gem! You get just one of these with each purchase, but that just heightens the anticipation!

Try your hand at getting your favorite here!

3. Keep magic accessories safe with Sakura!

Following up is a beautiful little Pink Piccolo Dresser based on Cardcaptor Sakura! It’s adorably small at around 9.1” by 5.9” by 3.5”, and it’s surprisingly functional with an unfolding mirror and actual drawer! The highlight, though, is that classic illustration of Sakura by CLAMP on the left~ Check it out in yellow and white as well!

For a little piece of Cardcaptor Sakura cuteness, click here~

4. Create a wonderfully sweet magical girl style with these Mystic♡Magicals keychains!

You don’t already have to be Sakura, Sailor Moon, or Madoka to be a magical girl, though! Part of the charm of the genre is showing that regular girls can be magical, so you can start putting together your own magical girl costume with these original Mystic♡Magicals Collaborative Acrylic Keychains by OTOE! They’re made of durable acrylic with a sweet illustration, and there are 3 colors available so you can match it with your own color scheme!

Check out the Mint, Yellow, and Pink versions here~

5. Show off your style anywhere you want with these magically cute stickers!

OTOE also made these gorgeous Magic Circle Girl Holographic Stickers! You can stick these on any book, binder, bag, or anything else to add a bit of cute originality to it!

These are available in 3 versions, as well!

6. Let a Menhera-chan x PARK necklace bring some pink magical girl goodness into your life!

Being a magical girl isn’t always a constant happy-go-lucky life. Similar to Madoka Magica, Menhera-chan adds a dark twist to the genre that fans love! You wouldn’t be able to tell that right away looking at this cute collaborative Menhera-chan x PARK Pearl Necklace, though!

Get your own in pink or white versions here!

7. 6%DOKIDOKI’s beautiful Night Trip Dress is fit for any magical girl!

Of course, a great necklace needs a great outfit to pair it with, and this gorgeous free-sized Night Trip Dress from 6%DOKIDOKI is just the thing! Inspired by the night sky, it has romantic touches like stars and crescents~

Get a closer look at all of the little details here!

8. Enjoy gazing at a quality magical girl tapestry at home after a long day fighting evil!

Last but not least, you can decorate your room to make it worthy of a magical girl with this beautiful Pastel Tapestry! It’s B2-sized and features a magical girl in a cute style inspired by the classic sailor uniform against a soft-colored floral and striped background!

Want to add it to your room? Find it here!

With these magical items, you’ll be fully equipped to fight evil and protect the Earth… or at least enjoy an awesome marathon of your favorite series in style!

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