Kuroko’s Basketball Event to Feature Sports Day Visuals

J-World Tokyo is teaming up with Kuroko’s Basketball for a special event running from Sept. 1 to Nov. 2.

The theme of the campaign is a school sports day from Kuroko’s middle school days and features a number of brand new, chibi-style illustrations. You’ll also be able to see them on a ton of new merchandise, from towels to T-shirts and tote bags!

Ribbon bracelets
Face towels
Metal charms
Insulated tote bag
Layered bento box
Ice packs

Within the event, there’s also a mini game where you have to race to borrow a number of items from the staff around the park. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to get your hands on a variety of adorable prizes, such as badges, tote bags and stickers!

75mm badges (mini game prize)
44mm badges (mini game prize)
Icon badges (mini game prize)
Tote bag (mini game prize)
Clear standee (mini game prize)
Clear file and sticker set (mini game prize)
Postcards (mini game prize)

Of course, there’ll also be a selection of themed menu items in the park’s cafes.

Fried chicken bento
Fried rice and chicken bento
Cake with white peach mousse
Apple and Peach Cake
Apple chiboust
Double Berry Cake

Visit J-World Tokyo from Sept. 1 to Nov. 2 to enjoy Sports Day with your favorite basketball player!

(c) Fujimaki Tadatoshi / Shueisha, Kuroko’s Basketball Production Committee

Adapted with permission from AnimeAnime

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