One Piece Launches Brand New VR Theatrical Experience!

In early 2018, One Piece will be teaming up with DMM VR Theater for a completely new VR holographic adventure!

The Straw Hats Pirates will appear at the world’s first 3DCG holographic theater for “One Piece Dramatic Stage: THE METAL ~Tsuioku no Marineford~” an original story featuring 7.1ch surround sound.

The event’s key visual features Luffy & co. as well as Bartolomeo and Law with Ace in the background and a collection of mysterious shadows at the bottom.

In celebration of the show’s launch, the official [DMM VR Theater Twitter account will be running a campaign with the One Piece Mugiwara Store to offer a selection of luxury prizes including a Luffy straw hat, Ace adventure hat, plush pass case, clear files, banners, notebooks, keychains, stickers, pouches, and face towels.

One Piece Dramatic Stage: THE METAL ~Tsuioku no Marineford~ will open at DMM VR Theater in early 2018.

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(C) DMM.futureworks Co., Ltd. (C) Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha,Fuji TV, Toei Animation

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