One Piece Goes Traditional With Side Story Exhibit in Kyoto!

One Piece is celebrating 20 years of serialization with an awesome collaboration exhibit event in Kyoto!

From Oct. 7 to Oct. 22, the “One Piece Art Nue Daikaku-ji – Majyuu to Hime to Chikai no Hana” event will span the entire grounds of Daikaku-ji, a temple in Kyoto. A special new side story to the Wano Country Arc, fans can watch it unfold through countless traditional art mediums like India-ink paintings, picture scrolls, and woodblock prints.

The story begins with a deserter named Tora, who washes up on the moonlit shores of Wano. Weak and famished, Tora stumbles and discovers a strange fruit; he immediately takes a hearty bite out of it. A curse suddenly befalls Tora and he’s transformed into an otherworldly beast with the limbs of a tiger, the face of a monkey, the body of an elk, and the tail of a snake. Now a beastly apparition that can soar through the skies, he is dubbed “Nue” by the local inhabitants…

Original One Piece author Oda Eiichiro has also drawn a number of expressive illustrations for the new characters involved, including Lark, Tora, Nee, and Kikuhime.

This event presents fans a unique opportunity to watch a never-before-told story unfold with the help of skilled artisans and beautiful works of art. For those in Kyoto, don’t miss out!

© Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha / Kyoto Mugiwara Douchuuki Production Commitee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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