Quantum Leap Creator Has Written Film Version

Quantum Leap creator Donald Bellisario revealed at L.A. Comic Con that he’s already completed work on a movie script that would serve as a reboot for the cult series.

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“I just finished writing a Quantum Leap feature,” Bellisario said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but I did write it…I just put Scott and Dean [Stockwell] in my head, kind of rebooted them, and went from there.”

Bellisario didn’t reveal anything else about the plot of the film.

Quantum Leap, which ran from 1989 to 1993, ended controversially, with Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) never returning home. Bellisario defended the finale, saying, “I was proud of that episode. Everybody was.”

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Bakula, who was with Bellisario, also defended the finale. “It was a great episode,” he said. “Last episodes are always controversial. I always say to writers, ‘If you want a challenge more than writing just an hour of television, write an hour of television that is the last hour of television that that show will ever have on; write it so that it could also come back next fall; write it so that it could possibly become a movie of the week; [and] write it so that it could still potentially be a feature film someday. And make everybody happy…If you go back and watch that episode, [Bellisario] checked off all those boxes.”

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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