Juni Taisen Unveils Teaser Visual & Main Cast for Stage Play

Zodiac-themed light novel Juni Taisen is getting a stage adaptation! What’s more, the project also revealed a teaser visual as well as the full main cast!

A light novel written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Nakamura Hikari, Juni Taisen follows 12 warriors named after the signs of the Chinese zodiac as they fight each other to the death to have their wish fulfilled. Juni Taisen also received an anime series directed by Hosoda Naoto that ran from October to December 2017.

Starring Kitamura Ryo (Nezumi/Rat), Takikawa Koudai, Imamura Miho, Saikawa Kouji, Hashimoto Shouhei, Hasegawa Shinya, Yokoyama Masafumi, Hara Yuuya, Takeuchi Yume, Umemura Yui, Isaka Tatsuya, Mamoru Asana, and Izumi Shuhei, the Juni Taisen stage play will be visiting Shin Kobe Oriental City on May 4 and 5 and Theatre1010 (Tokyo) for May 9 ~ 13.

(C)Nisio Isin, Nakamura Hikari / Shueisha (C)Avex Pictures Inc.

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