Get Ready for Spring With Taito’s Final Seasonal Miku Figure

Well-known for their plush toys and figures available as prizes at arcades around Japan, Taito Toys has been releasing a beautiful line of seasonal Hatsune Miku figures since last year.

The fourth entry’s design has now been revealed, based on a beautiful illustration by Kanzaki Hiroki!

Miku’s design features pink accents and floral patterns, as well as pink in her hair for an utterly perfect-for-spring look.

Brimming with youthful energy, Miku seems ready to jump into spring and enjoy all of the sunny days and flowers it has to offer.

The figure also features an adorable backpack with Miku’s name!

Kanzaki Hiro is an illustrator and animator well-known for his work as the character designer for the Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai light novels.

As the Spring figure, this will be the last entry in the series. The first three seasons’ figures were also inspired by illustrations from talented artists like Saitou Naoki (Summer), Mika Pikazo (Fall), and Hechima (Winter).

Look out for more details on the official Seasonal Hatsune Miku page, with the Spring Miku page to be released in the coming days.

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