The Joker Will Learn Batman & Catwoman are Engaged

Hidden deep within Forbes‘ interview announcing Brian Michael Bendis’ initial projects for DC Comics is an interesting piece of information of particular relevance to Batman fans. In DC Nation #0, a “preview sampler” releasing in early May, The Joker will learn that Batman and Catwoman are engaged.

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Whether the entire story will be told in the anthology comic, or if it will lead into the main Batman title remains unclear, though given that DC Nation also includes a prelude to Bendis’ Man of Steel weekly miniseries, it’s possible we’ll only be getting the first part of a larger story in the one-shot. No creative team was announced, but it’s a safe bet that Tom King will write it, considering he’s been scripting Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s romance for the last year-plus.

King recently announced that he is currently writing the Joker, most likely for the DC Nation story. While he and artist Mikel Janin have already told a story featuring Batman’s biggest foe, it was a tale that was based in past continuity rather than present day. This will be the first time King has written the iconic villain in current Rebirth continuity and, judging by his comments — “I control everything he says and does, and dude still scares me.” — it’s a safe bet the Joker isn’t going to be content to wish Bruce and Selina a happy future together.

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