10 Kitty-Themed Treats Perfect For Celebrating Cat Day!

Cats are priceless treasures bestowed upon this world, and Japan knows it – so that’s why Feb. 22 is Japan’s annual Cat Day! Even if this mini holiday is unheard of in your area, you can celebrate by admiring these adorable cat-themed treats~

1. Stray from tradition with kitty-eared donut floofs from Floresta!

Craving donuts on Cat Day? A six-piece set from Floresta is bound to set you right! The bakery is known for their adorable animal-themed pastries, which are so detailed that you can tell the difference between their yummy versions of the spotted, tortoiseshell, and American shorthair kitties!

2. This naughty orange tabby from Felissimo is hoarding a tasty assortment of chocolates!

Chocolates are always welcome, especially when they come with fresh decorations and packaging like this set from Felissimo! A result of a collaboration with a popular chocolatory in Belgium, these indulgent treats melt in your mouth with fragrant flavors like lemon and tiramisu!

3. Kitties at Odawara Department Store are delivering full meals, bento-style~

Odawara Department Store offers two-tiered cat-shaped bentos that have plenty to satisfy any craving! Fans can also adopt their favorite since each kitty has a name and personality. The final product is irresistible, especially since the bento band comes with a little bell that ends up looking like a collar.

4. Vacation in a village of feline sweets with a one-way ticket from Village Vanguard~

A delightful presentation of candies, pastries, and other sweets will have you spiraling over which to eat first! Available on Village Vanguard, this set is light and refreshing, with kitty-shaped higashi, citrus-flavored jelly paws, and citrus-flavored marshmallows!

5. Tea time turns into play time with these kitty tea bags on Village Vanguard!

If your favorite part of the day revolves around relaxing with a steaming cup of tea, Village Vanguard also has a little something for you! They have a range of translucent tea bags filled with choices like Earl Gray and Rooibos and shaped so you can enjoy your beverage with the added pleasure of a kitty bobbing around. Even the tags are charming, with some of them shaped like stretching cats and fish bones.

6. Marshmallow Shop Yawahada has the perfect little visitor for your drink!

Simple yet charming, you can summon your own marshmallow companion with these plump marshmallows from Marshmallow Shop Yawahada! This curious tabby even comes with a little paw for added cuteness~

7. Indulge in even more sweet marshmallow friends!

If you were fond of the previous set of marshmallows from Marshmallow Shop Yawahada, you’ll be pleased to know they have much more! This particular set comes with more squishy paws and the little backs of sleeping kittens~

8. These hungry little cats can’t resist this colorful baumkuchen!

Baumkuchen, a variety of German cake, is popular with people all around the world, and with cats too, apparently! The mischievous gang of kitties on this artisan cake from the Japan Royal Gastro Club is sure to put a smile on your face.

9. Good news for fans of delicious baked goods and cute kitties with Hotel New Hankyu Osaka’s fun Cat Day set!

Mind as well go all out with this set, which is chock full of pink goodies like a chocolate and cranberry kitty-shaped bread and berry-flavored pastry paws! Since Cat Day never truly ends for any proper cat lover, Hotel New Hankyu Osaka also includes a cup and bag that’ll last even after the sweets are long gone~

10. Just like an adorable cat video, Felissimo’s oiri will melt your heart!

Oiri is a traditional candy usually given out in Kagawa Prefecture, said to represent happiness. Those soft pastels and round little shapes look even cuter when it comes in a kitty-themed box from Felissimo! A charming companion to any dessert, it also comes with a little senbei (cracker) that rounds it off perfectly.

Even if you can’t get your hands on these adorable snacks, there are still plenty of ways to acknowledge this very important occasion! How will you celebrate Cat Day this year?

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