Top 10 Games That Would Get Fans on Switch!

The Nintendo Switch revolutionised the gaming world with its release last year but shockingly there are still some fans who haven’t yet made the jump. There are also quite a few beloved franchises which haven’t crossed over to the new system yet, so which of them would get sceptical fans reaching for their wallets if they did? Here are the top 10 games fans say would get them on team Switch!

Long running Nintendo franchises and much loved characters including Kirby and Mario are high on fans’ wishlists alongside quirky entries like the addictive drumming sim Taiko no Tatsujin, but which series have beat these games out for the top three?

Rolling into third place is the pop culture phenomenon Pokémon! Over twenty years later with countless games plus manga and anime adaptations, fans still gotta catch ’em all!

Nintendo’s favorite characters leap into second place… to brawl! After all, who wouldn’t want to pit their favourites against each other with the Switch’s awesome capabilities?

And the winner is Animal Crossing! While tons of people were drawn to the easily accessible smartphone app, it’s clear that fans also want to experience the charming world of Animal Crossing on Switch as well!

So there we have it! If you don’t have a Switch, would any of these games get you buying one?

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