10 Doll-Themed Desserts Perfect For Hinamatsuri!

In Japan, March 3 is “Hinamatsuri”, a special occasion also known as “Doll’s Day” or “Girl’s Day”! The celebrations feature tiered stands covered with red material and decorated with beautifully crafted traditional dolls of the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians placed on each of the levels. Most families display the dolls throughout February and take them down again after Hinamatsuri ends.

That’s not the only way to celebrate, though. As always, Japan has risen to the occasion with a ton of adorable doll-themed desserts that will get anyone’s mouth watering!

1. Emperor and empress dolls rest on a sweet blossom cake at Morozoff!

Morozoff’s fluffy sponge cake, filled with the gentle sweetness of strawberry cream, is graced by an adorable illustration of the couple. The lovely chocolate “petals” in white, red, and pink also make this cake is the perfect treat for springtime!

2. Share a mini party of doll desserts at Ginza Cozy Corner!

This super adorable plate of mini cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner is sure to put smile on anyone’s face with its tiny little doll faces. As well as being a cute and fun way to pay tribute to the festival, it’s a great option for entertaining with a myriad of delicious flavors.

3. See Disney characters join in the Hinamatsuri fun!

Ginza Cozy Corner is also offering special sets of biscuits and madeleines which each come in a colourful Disney branded box. The box’s lid even has a neat 3D effect so you can open it up to reveal a Hinamatsuri doll stand featuring your favorite Disney characters.

4. Papa Bubble is serving up Spanish candy with a uniquely Japanese feel!

The perfect treat for spring, this pretty Hinamatsuri Mix from Spanish sweet shop Papa Bubble features the dolls, peach blossoms, sakura mochi and paper lanterns as motifs. Each design corresponds to one of five flavors: lemon, strawberry, cherry, apple and apricot peach.

5. Hello Kitty and My Melody greet Hinamatsuri at Moncher!

Modelled on the classic Hinamatsuri dolls, these adorable Dojima roll cakes have a mousse topping featuring Sanrio characters Hello Kitty and My Melody. The cakes have a refreshing springtime theme with peach blossom and pink cream decoration.

6. Drop by Baskin Robbins for a Snoopy Hinamatsuri!

What better way to finish off a lovely day off than with an ice cream sundae? This adorable set from Baskin Robbins comes in a lovely Hinamatsuri doll stage box and features Snoopy and Belle in cute festival appropriate outfits. There are even little chocolate Woodstocks on top of the scoops of ice cream! Simply pick your five favorite flavors of kid size sundaes to make up the set.

7. Build an adorable mini Hinamatsuri display with Tirol Choco!

Tirol Choco have gone all out with a Hinamatsuri stand filled with tiny chocolate treats. You won’t have any trouble finishing these off before you need to take your decorations down – a good excuse to get more and build it again!

8. Try snacking on waffle cakes with a deliciously doll-themed twist!

R.L. Waffle Cake have given their signature product a Hinamatsuri twist with a series of lovely designs modelled on classic Japanese sweets hishi mochi. Full of cheerful springtime spirit, these tasty treats feature tiny Hinamatsuri dolls and colorful strawberry toppings.

9. The emperor and empress welcome you to try this gorgeously subtle Hinamatsuri treat!

Traditional Japanese sweets store Suzukake have taken a subtle and sophisticated approach to their Hinamatsuri sweets. The two front pieces represent the emperor and empress, with the folds evoking their layered kimonos. Meanwhile, the background are regular (but just as exquisitely crafted) traditional sweets named “kinton”, made from sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

10. Indulge in decadent doll roll cakes from Hankyu Hotel Takarazuka!

These pretty roll cakes are the perfect Hinamatsuri treat. Available from the upscale Hankyu Hotel Takarazuka, these adorable designs are available in strawberry or chocolate and each feature a cute Hinamatsuri doll on the top as well as colourful strawberries and tasty cream.

Even if you can’t celebrate Hinamatsuri with dolls, you can still feast your eyes on these delicious desserts! Which cute Hinamatsuri treat has you ready to hop over to Japan?

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