Ingress Anime Adaptation Expected to Air Oct. 2018!

Fuji TV has announced that it is collaborating with software development company Niantic on an anime adaptation of the smartphone game Ingress!

Ingress is an augmented reality location-based game that puts two factions against each other, the Enlightened and the Resistance. Data from the game was also used for Pokémon GO, released in 2016.

Animated by CRAFTAR, the adaptation will be airing in Oct. 2018, and it’ll be animated by the studio. Sakuragi Yuhei will be the series director, and Ishii Tomohiko will be the producer. Sakuragi has had previous experience with Niantic, having worked on human character modeling for Pokémon GO. The anime’s official website has also been launched.

The anime will operate in a time axis close to that of reality, hope are high for something happening in the smartphone game while the adaptation is broadcasting.

Ingress is expected to air in Oct. 2018 on Fuji TV’s “Plus Ultra” block.

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