Sean Murphy Explains Batman: White Knight’s Robin Chronology

Batman: White Knight has proven to be a runaway success for writer/artist Sean Murphy, and that’s despite the questions regarding the chronology of Robins.

After hearing some of the blowback against the way his story changed notable Batman continuity, Murphy took to Twitter in order to explain. According to his thread on the issue, the implication that Jason Todd was the first Robin before Dick Grayson suited up (and later became Nightwing) was somewhat unintentional.

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Through his own admittance, Murphy is not very knowledgeable about comics continuity. He also didn’t intend to use Jason Todd in the story because he didn’t know enough about him. Then, when Murphy needed to add something for the Joker to do that was so bad even Harley Quinn quit, Jason’s murder came into the picture.

It was only after the final decisions on White Knight #2 were made that he realized what this meant for the order of Robins. Thankfully, it’s a subtle change and fans haven’t seemed to mind, if they even noticed it at all. In his Twitter thread, Murphy was quick to thank his readers for not being too hard on him about it. After all, it’s not in continuity, so anything can be changed.

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