Upcoming Sailor Moon Musical to Double Cast Nogizaka46 Teams

The eagerly anticipated new Sailor Moon musical has announced that it will double cast two teams formed from idol group Nogizaka46!

For the stage musical performance, the members of Nogizaka46 will be split into Team MOON and Team STAR, which will alternate playing the five central Sailor Soldiers.

Team MOON will feature Yamashita Mizuki (Sailor Moon), Itou Riria (Sailor Mercury), Takayama Kazumi (Sailor Mars), Noujou Ami (Sailor Jupiter), and Higuchi Hina (Sailor Venus).

Team STAR will feature Inoue Sayuri (Sailor Moon), Watanabe Miria (Sailor Mercury), Terada Ranze (Sailor Mars), Umezawa Minami (Sailor Jupiter), and Nakada Kana (Sailor Venus).

Directed by Wally Kinoshita, the show will be performed in two different versions, the first in June at Galaxy Theater Tokyo, and the second in September at Akasaka ACT Theater, Tokyo.

(c)Takeuchi Naoki, PNP / Nogizaka46 Musical Sailor Moon Production Committee

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