Fanmade Infinity War Poster Gives Thanos All the Infinity Stones

The IMAX poster for Avengers: Infinity War, featuring just Thanos’ incomplete gauntlet bursting through smoke, is amazing. But a fan took it even further by giving Thanos’ gauntlet a much-desired update.

Artist Justin Grosjean posted his updated poster on his Twiter page, writing, “I updated the IMAX poster to include all of the Infinity Gems–original textless version created by username ‘bl-999’ on Reddit.”

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Grosjean also created a version fit for an iPhone lock screen. He included a screenshot of the poster as the lock screen on his iPhone as proof that his poster can make any iPhone look more threatening.

The fanmade poster not only looks as if Marvel itself crated it, but it also makes the threat of Thanos much more ominous. Sure, Thanos comes to Earth to find the rest of the Infinity Stones, but a half-complete gauntlet isn’t as scary as seeing as fully-complete gauntlet, filled with the powers of the universe. It definitely makes the smoke look like Thanos gathering his gauntlet’s energy, preparing to launch an attack.

Avengers: Infinity War which stars Josh Brolin as Thanos, will come to theaters April 27.

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