J-WORLD Celebrates My Hero Academia Season 3 With New Event!

J-WORLD TOKYO will be hosting a new limited time event to celebrate the long-awaited third season of Horikoshi Kouhei’s My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia in J-WORLD TOKYO can be enjoyed by fans from Apr. 23 to Jul. 13, 2018. Those lucky enough to attend will be surrounded with plenty of awesome things to experience, like two new mini games that gives players the chance to score a few prizes.

The first, Wild Wild Kyodai Garapon, involves using your whole body to spin a giant ball cage. Depending on the color of the ball, you can win three different types of prizes, all for just 430 yen.

The second, titled “Todoroki-kun’s Genkai Balance Game,” challenges you to see if you can muster the balance Todoroki has by placing you on unstable ground. If you can manage to stay upright for a certain amount of time while also placing the tip of an arrow within a certain goal, you’ll win one of two different prizes. One try is 300 yen.

Soft Straps – 5 Kinds
Mini Posters – 5 Kinds
Rounded Tin Card Badges – 10 Kinds

Unlike other aspects of the event, the original menu items are only available from Jun. 2 to Jul. 13. There are only five special choices this time around, but each of them highlight a different character and their Quirk with delicious presentations.

Midoriya Izuku’s Mini Menchikatsudon & Green Salad Tea Soba – 960 yen
Uraraka Ochako’s Zero Gravity Tapioca Strawberry Orefloat – 620 yen
Bakugou Katsuki’s Explosion Orange Cake – 720 yen
Aizawa Shouta’s Gouriteki Kyuusoku Brownie Cake – 720 yen
Todoroki Shoto’s Half-Cold Half-Hot 2-Kind Tsukedashi Zaru Chinese Soba – 960 yen

After a fun day of mini games and yummy treats, fans can head to the shop to pick up some original goods specifically for the event.

T-Shirt – 1 design (2,700 yen)
Acrylic Stand – 5 designs (1,620 yen)
Long Cushions – 5 designs (2,700 yen)
A4 Clear File – 378 yen
Tin Badge Collection – 5 designs (378 yen)

My Hero Academia in J-WORLD TOKYO runs from Apr. 23 to Jul. 13, 2018.

© Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Committee

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