What Are Fate/Grand Order Fans’ Favorite Mystic Codes?

Do you play Fate/Grand Order? The popular smartphone game is well-known for its setup of Masters and Servants, with the former commanding the latter to battle against others in a mission to save humanity.

The flow of battle depends on the randomly generated Command Cards used to attack the opponent, but Masters can also make use of Mystic Codes – in other words, effects that can be equipped to support one’s Servant. A survey was held to figure out which Mystic Codes fans liked the most, so get ready to compare your favorites!

First up in 3rd place with 78 votes (around 14.6% of the vote) is Brilliant Summer! This one may not be particularly ideal for the battlefield, but it raises the party’s Quick performance, charges a servant’s HP and NP gauge, and even grants a Servant Pierce Invincibility.

Next up at 2nd place with 101 votes (18.8% of votes) is Royal Brand! This outfit has a chic look and increases a servant’s Quick performance for a turn in addition to being able to increase their critical star absorption. It allows a servant to ignore Evasion for a turn, as well.

Taking the crown with 238 votes (a shocking 44.4% of the vote) is Anniversary Blonde! This Mystic Code was released to celebrate more than 5 million downloads of Fate/Grand Order, and it has special features like the ability to increase a Servant’s Buster, gain critical stars, or even grant one Servant Guts status. As an added bonus, it’s also quite cute!

There are plenty of new Mystic Codes to see in the future, as well, so be sure to keep looking for your own favorite in Fate/Grand Order!


Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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