Preorders for Life-Sized Gabumon Plushie and Digivice Open!

The final film of the six part series Digimon Adventure tri. is scheduled to premiere in Japan on May 5. To celebrate, Premium Bandai has opened pre-orders for two commemorative items!

Up first is a life-sized plushie of Gabumon that’s scheduled to release in September for 8,100 yen (after tax). All of his detailed markings, including the egg-like one on his stomach, have been recreated to perfection. His vivid coloring also makes him seem quite realistic! Both super cute and super soft, Gabumon would make a great companion whether you’re having a gaming session or busy binge watching Digimon.

Those who preorder Gabumon from Premium Bandai will also receive a special illustrated visual sheet, with the main nine characters on it.

Another Digivice is also on its way from Premium Bandai for 7,020 yen (after tax)! This neat little device takes has a sleek milky white coating with accents of metallic blue, which is a complete different color from the version released back in 2015. Marketed towards adults, it also comes with other quality details like a die-cast antenna, engraved DigiCode, and three buttons.

The three buttons grants access to some fun features that long-time fans of Digimon are sure to enjoy. It can background music and two themes: “Butter-fly~tri.Version” and “brave heart~ tri.Version.”

It will also play mini interactions between three different pairs: Agumon and Tai, Gabumon and Yamato, and Meicoomon and Meiko. Depending on the pair featured, the colors will switch from orange, to blue, to red, respectively. The interactions between the pairs can be from a number of different scenarios, such as battling or evolving.

The Complete Selection Animation Digivice tri. Memorial and Life-Sized Plushie Gabumon can be preordered at Premium Bandai until mid-June.

© Hongo Akiyoshi / Toei Animation

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