WonHobby Gallery 2018 Spring [Photo Report]

Figure enthusiasts in Tokyo had the chance to enjoy new and upcoming figures from popular anime, manga, games and more at WonHobby Gallery 2018 Spring! Held at Akiba CO Gallery on May 26 and 27, the event was free to enter, giving even more fans the chance to admire this season’s offerings.

If you didn’t get to hop over and spend a heavenly day gazing at your favorite characters in all of their 3D glory, here’s your chance to get a look at the highlights of this season’s WonHobby Gallery!

First up is a batch that will resonate well with gamers, with high-profile titles like Splatoon, Fate/Grand Order, and Persona 5.

Swimsuit-clad cuties from Eromanga Sensei and KonoSuba are just in time for the summer months!

As always, beautiful Hatsune Miku creations are in full force too. No matter what her costume looks like, though, she’ll always be everyone’s favorite virtual diva!

Despite many being transformed into adorable Nendoroids, the somber and angry expressions of these characters hint at the war-torn situations in Darling in the Franxx, Saga of Tanya the Evil, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.

And now let’s return the spotlight to established favorites like Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, and Pokémon!

Of course, more recent ongoing series were also well represented with popular characters from Sword Art Online and its spinoff Gun Gale Online, Made in Abyss, Tokyo Ghoul:re, among many others.

Naturally, idols from franchises like Ensemble Stars! and Love Live!, as well as virtual YouTubers like Kizuna AI and Kaguya Luna attracted tons of starstruck fans.

With so many gorgeous figures, it feels almost impossible for anything to top them – but we’ll just have to wait for the next event to see! Until then, don’t forget to check out the rest of the album below.

This is a Tokyo Otaku Mode original article with photography by Hara T.

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