Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley Interested in Playing Green Lanterns

Actors Sterling J. Brown and Justin Hartley have voiced their interest in joining the Green Lantern Corps in a response to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter. While it’s unclear if a Green Lantern film is even beyond the early scripting phase, the This is Us stars would nonetheless be down to don the benevolent organization’s green vestments.

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The Twitter inquiry that sparked the response singled out Brown and Hartley as shoe-ins for the roles of Hal Jordan and Jon Steward, two incarnations of Earth’s Green Lantern. The latest news about a Green Lantern movie is over a year old at this point, with Warner Bros. having last tapped David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to pen the film’s script.

Brown’s latest project outside of This is Us is Hotel Artemis, an action-heist movie about a robber who flees to a hospital for criminals after he unknowingly makes off with a mobster’s valuable treasure. Naturally, those mobsters come calling and both Brown’s character, Waikiki, and the hospital staff must protect themselves by any means necessary.

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Hartley has some experience playing superheroes, having taken up the mantle of Green Arrow on the Superman prequel show Smallville from 2006-2011. Prior to that, Hartley played Aquaman in pilot that was not picked up by The CW.

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