Rick and Morty Recorded a Birthday Song For Kanye West

Kanye West declared his love last month for Rick and Morty, and now Rick Sanchez has returned the favor, in the creepiest way possible: To celebrate Kanye’s 41st birthday, his wife Kim Kardashian West commissioned an original song form Rick and his grandson Morty Smith.

Written and performed by series co-creator Justin Roiland, with assistance from the synthpop band Chaos Chaos, “Kanye’s B-Day Song” is a bit of a slow jam that follows Rick as he slips beneath the sheets with a sleeping Kanye and, um, writes his name on his leg. And maybe steals a lock of his hair. While Morty questions the wisdom of his actions, in very Morty-like fashion.

Presumably a personalized birthday song from Rick and Morty isn’t available for just anyone, but that may be for the best, actually.

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The release of the song on Twitter by Kim Kardashian West comes nearly a month after Kanye publicly proclaimed Rick and Morty his favorite show, in response to the news that Adult Swim had ordered another 70 episodes of the animated series. “I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times each,” he wrote. It also arrived on the same day that Kanye dropped Kids See Ghosts, his new collaboration with Kid Cudi.

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