Bendis Says Summer Superman Comics to be Promoted on TV

Man of Steel writer Brian Michael Bendis has confirmed that DC Comics’ upcoming summer Superman titles will be advertised via television commercials. It’s uncommon for comic book ads to appear on television, but, according to the writer, it is exactly what some comic book shops have been asking of publishers for years.

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The move comes just one week after DC Comics unveiled more details about its long-awaited DC Universe service, which will bundle together a streaming library, comics reader and store when it releases in August. Much like Marvel Unlimited, the service looks to bring more comics readers into the hobby through increased accessibility.

If anything can be extrapolated from recent comic book sales numbers, it’s that a hefty dose of accessibility might be what the industry needs right now. CBR’s April tabulations pegged 2018 as the worst year for comic book sales since 2011. Even Action Comics #1000 impressive sales didn’t significantly tip the scales for the month.

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Meanwhile, Bendis has garnered praise for his Man of Steel run, which has pitted Superman and Supergirl against the villain Rogol Zaar. August will see the return of Bendis’ Jinxworld line, the name of the writer’s creator-owned series that predates his run at Marvel Comics.

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