Comics Industry Pays Tribute to Steve Ditko

The comics industry is mourning the loss of one of its greatest creators, ever: the legendary Steve Ditko.

Best known for co-creating Spider-Man and Doctor Strange for Marvel Comics, Ditko had a decades-long career in comics, creating stories up until his death. His projects ranged from Marvel to DC to several independent works, even delivering memorable characters as an elder, like Squirrel Girl. The Objectivist writer-artist injected his philosophy into works like The Question, which would later be expanded upon in the highest-regarded comics work of all-time, Watchmen.

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Naturally, the comics industry weighed in on the loss of such a great figure.

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CBR offers its condolences to Ditko’s friends and colleagues at this time; he will be remembered within the comics community, and within the entire entertainment industry, as a legendary creator of his time.

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