Star Trek DS9’s Ira Steven Confirms 2018 Documentary Release

On July 3rd, Ira Steven Behr — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s former showrunner and driving force behind the eagerly anticipated documentary, What We Left Behind — announced they had “locked picture” on the film and confirmed it would be out sometime in 2018, which is also the show’s 25th anniversary year.

For the uninitiated, “locked picture” means the editing process is complete, and the film is in the final stages of post-production.

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Those final stages still include a significant amount of work — the video features a lighthearted montage of various members of the production staff going over the long list of remaining tasks like sound design and mixing, animations and graphics, color correction and clip licenses. But Behr assured fans he would have footage to show fans attending Creation’s 2018 Star Trek Las Vegas convention at the beginning of August. Behr also pointed out there is still time for fans to hop on the crowdfunding train and donate to the project in exchange for getting their name in the credits (for the bargain price of $50 — $500 will get you dinner with Vic Fontaine, if you’re feeling bougie).

If you’re not going to STLV, Behr’s already released an early clip of Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) discussing the difficult task of playing someone with three centuries of life experience when she herself was only 27.

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