8 Swimsuit Figures Perfect for Celebrating Beach Season!

Summer is here! We hope you’re making the best of the sweltering temperatures with frequent trips to the ice cream truck and manga-reading sessions in front of a powerful fan.

Speaking of summer activities, we actually have quite a few recommendations for some lovely sights that don’t even require leaving your home! That’s right, we’re talking about the fantastic selection of swimsuit-clad ladies (plus figure accessories) that’ll bring a sweet breeze of relief to you and your collection~!

1. This cute figure of Rem, perfect for starting off your swimsuit collection if you haven’t already!

Is it really possible for Rem to get any more adorable? Whether you’re a fan of Re:Zero or not, you won’t be able to resist Rem in this simple yet attractive bikini with its frilly bottom. And she may be at the beach, but she wouldn’t be Rem without her ever-present maid headband!

2. Rem’s equally adorable twin, Ram.

Don’t stop at Rem – give Ram all the attention she deserves too! Let’s face it, this pink-haired twin looks just as unforgettable in that pink and black bikini! If you can’t decide, then why not both?

3. This figure of the beautiful Asuna, here to bring beach fun to you!

Enjoy the summer with this orange-haired beauty, clad in a lovely red-and-white bikini (of course!). A beach date may be worlds away from Sword Art Online, but one thing’s for sure – with Asuna’s sweet smile and beautiful figure, it’ll be difficult to keep your eyes off her and on the water!

4. Another entrancing Asuna, this time taking a break under an umbrella!

If one isn’t enough, why not get your hands on this Asuna too? When you’re done admiring the details of her striking blue hair, try taking away her removable wrap for a different look!

5. A super sexy figure set of Nami and Tashigi, perfect for cranking up the summer heat!

These two One Piece beauties complement each other perfectly, with Nami seeming rather eager to cool off with a drink while Tashigi is suffering an adorable bout of embarrassment. However, both gorgeous women are practically irresistible with skintight swimsuits that display those voluptuous curves!

Get Nami and Tashigi in a set here!

6. This figure of Kasumigaoka Utaha, just waiting for you to join her sunbathing!

Has the curvaceous novelist from Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend stolen your heart with her intelligent prose? Considering how alluring this figure is, that’s no surprise – and it only doubles once you remove her detachable hat and waist towel!

7. Eriri Spencer Sawamura, complete with sunglasses and a translucent tube!

Eriri may be an otaku, but she really knows how to dress for summer! Her position sitting back in the tube shows off her slender legs and it looks like she’s blushing slightly… But is it from the heat, or have you gotten on the right side of her tsundere personality?!

8. These white swimsuit or black swimsuit bodies to give your Cu-poche figures a summer-approved upgrade!

Just because they didn’t come dressed for summer, it doesn’t mean that your Cu-Poche cuties can’t enjoy the beach! With a new frilly swimsuit and matching sandals, they’ll be overjoyed for the chance to participate in some summer shenanigans.

Get these white and black swimsuit bodies!

Quite the selection of summer sights, wouldn’t you say? There’s plenty more where that came from; just visit the TOM Shop for countless more summertime cuties!

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