Alex Ross Elevates the Already-Amazing Action Comics #1 Cover

Popular illustrator Alex Ross has once more wowed fans in the comics industry with a jaw-dropping take on the iconic Action Comics #1 cover featuring a heroic Superman showing just why he’s humanity’s savior.

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“Most people coming to comics realize the historical importance of Superman. But I’ve always loved very specific traits of the character, and in fact, very specific versions,” Ross said. “When I saw some reprints of the oldest comics with him, from the ’40s, I immediately fell in love with the art style from then. He looked very serious, very rough and ready… a character built for the era of the Second World War. I like to connect with that earliest version of him, to bring him back to those roots.”

Ross’ updated take comes as the result of a partnership with Syfy Wire, which will see him release several limited edition lithos, variant covers and other comic convention-exclusive material. This lithograph, titled “More Powerful Than A Locomotive” is the first he’s rolling out, which coincides with the 80th anniversary of Superman this spring. This version updates the 1938 cover with the Man of Steel hoisting a car over his head with the nearby citizens fleeing the scene, however it’s much more moody and gloomy, using dark blues to saturate the image.

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The piece will be available for purchase in limited quantity at the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago from April 6-8. Over the years, Ross has made a name for himself through covers for DC, Marvel, Dynamite and Dark Horse Comics to name a few. Other notable works include his stint on Marvels as well as Kingdom Come in the ’90s.

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