Batman Writer’s Family Dresses As My Hero Academia For Halloween

Writer Scott Snyder is known for his work with iconic DC characters and in the horror genre, but for Halloween, he’s embracing the all-ages manga and anime franchise My Hero Academia, with a family picture that goes beyond, plus ultra!

The fan-favorite Batman writer tweeted a photo of his family dressed as some of the most popular heroes from Kōhei Horikoshi’s beloved franchise. Snyder strikes a pose as All-Might, the number one Pro Hero in the franchise’s universe; his two sons dress as Deku and Bakugo, two of U.A. High School’s most promising students who aspire to become Pro Heroes; and his wife Jeanie transforms into Uraraka, another talented U.A. student who has the ability to manipulate an object’s — or person’s — gravity.

My Hero Academia’s popularity continues to grow. The manga is on its 15th volume, a new video game, My Hero One’s Justice, was just released, and the anime is on its third season. A live-action movie is also in the works, and only time will tell whether it will win over fans and further expand the franchise’s popularity.

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