Chris Hemsworth Picks Up Hitchhiker, Gives Him a Helicopter Ride

Some guys just aren’t happy until they’ve acted as superheroes both on and off the screen. Thor star Chris Hemsworth has now ticked both boxes, having given a hitchhiker in his native Australia an unforgettable ride.

A video uploaded to Hemsworth’s Instagram account shows the actor and his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, arriving in Brisbane and spotting a traveler on the side of the road. The hitchhiker’s sign indicates he’s heading to their destination, Byron Bay, and they opt to pick him up. “Little does he know that we’re getting a chopper!” Zocchi says on the video before they pull over.

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The hitchhiker, identified as American musician Scott Hildebrand, is clearly surprised and thrilled by the chance encounter, taking his first helicopter ride with the Aussie natives. Hildebrand is currently touring the country, having just arrived from Mexico, with his guitar and all of his musical equipment in tow. Hemsworth jokingly asks only for a bit of gas money in return — the low price of “four grand.”

“All right, Scotty, dream’s over — back to the normal hitchhiking!” Hemsworth says as they bid farewell to their new friend. The grateful musician appears to have continued his ride in a van, fortunately big enough to hold all of his touring gear.

The Instagram post has been viewed well over a million times and features a caption from the film star reading in part, “Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn’t a serial killer which we were stoked about.”

Hemsworth is back home in Australia after wrapping the shoot for his upcoming film, the untitled Men in Black spinoff. He’ll soon be back at work playing George Kirk in the Star Trek sequel before returning to the screen as Thor in the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War on May 3, 2019.

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