DC Comics Introduces an All-New, All-Different Adolf Hitler

Though DC’s new Freedom Fighters comic will take place in the current day rather than the past, its central villain is someone ripped straight out of the history book: Adolf Hitler. Or, rather, Hitler’s son and grandson.

Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows’ new 12-issue series takes place in a dimension where World War II went a decidedly different way from our reality’s. There, on Earth X, the Nazis won the war and have ruled the planet ever since. Now, Hitler’s son sits upon the metaphorical throne, and oversees what his father achieved.

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Hitler’s son rules with an iron fist, but he’s pragmatic. By contrast, his son is all about cruelty and malice, driven by this warped view of the American population as his playthings,” Venditti explained in the latest issue of DC Nation. “There’s a struggle between the two of them about how best to deal with the Freedom Fighters; Hitler’s son approaching it from a politician’s point of view, and Hitler’s grandson wanting to approach it from a place of limitless cruelty and brutality.”

Freedom Fighters #1, by Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows, arrives in stores this December.

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