Doomsday Clock’s Mime and Marionette Drawn In Style of B:TAS

DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock has been one of the publisher’s most well-received events in years as Geoff Johns and Gary Frank bring over Alan Moore’s Watchmen characters into the DC universe. Now, two of the series’ most popular characters, Mime and Marionette, have gotten the Bruce Timm animated treatment from the ’90s thanks to artist Rick Celis.

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Celis loves transforming characters into versions of themselves via a style heavily influenced by Batman: The Animated Series and in the past, he applied the same treatment to Fox’s Gotham personnel. Now, he’s done the same to Mime and Marionette, making them look like they’re straight from the Timm-verse.

His sketch includes a stern Mime, with his make-believe gun in hand, as well as Marionette displaying a kooky smile, which is what has fans comparing them to Joker and Harley Quinn so much. A lot of mystery surrounds the characters who have appeared in Doomsday Clock as aides to the new Rorschach and of course, a repentant Ozymandias; and it’s clear Celis is a big fan.

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This crime-loving duo has been causing a lot of chaos upon arriving in Gotham, as expected, with some fans even theorizing that their son may well be one of the three Joker’s that are seemingly existing in DC continuity. Only time will tell but until then, fans are fully enjoying their maniacal behavior.

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