Experience the Sailor Moon Classic Concert With New CD

Earlier this month, the Tokyo Philaharmonic Symphony celebrated the 25th anniversary of Takeuchi Naoko’s Sailor Moon by holding an unforgettably beautiful concert!

The event, titled “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Classic Concert,” was held at the Tokyo Geigeki Theatre on Aug. 2 and Aug. 3. True to the spirit of the series, the first part of the concert opened with the beloved original opening theme “Moonlight Densetsu.”

Wasting no time, memorable tunes such as “HEART MOVING” and “Princess Moon” quickly followed suit. Those lucky enough to attend were also treated to themes from other seasons of Sailor Moon, such as “Otome no Policy” from Sailor Moon R and “Rashiku Ikimasho” from Sailor Moon Super S.

The second part of the concert opened with “Moon Revenge,” the song that plays every time Tsukino Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Other compositions such as “Tuxedo Mirage”, “La Soldier”, and “New Moon ni Koishite” were also performed. Before long, the concert reached its climax with a lively rendition of “Moon Pride” from Sailor Moon Crystal.

After moved fans demanded an encore, all the performers took to the stage, with Mitsuishi Kotono joining them! The appearance of the voice actress behind Sailor Moon was quite the surprising treat for those attending. While on stage, everyone lifted their voices to sing another theme in unison, with singer Ishida Yoko leading.

While there may not be any more concerts planned, fans around the world will have their chance to experience Sailor Moon‘s graceful violin pieces, bold yet elegant piano pieces, and powerful pipe organ additions with the upcoming CD, which will go on sale Dec. 6.

Titled the “Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert Album,” the set comes with 2 discs that’ll be sold for 3,500 yen. Directed by Yoshida Makoto, the CD contains 19 tracks that are sure to bring you to tears with Sailor Moon nostalgia.

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