Frank Miller Praises Wonder Woman Film

Esteemed comic book writer Frank Miller has labelled Patty Jenkins’ critically acclaimed Wonder Woman as the “crown jewel” of superhero movies in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Speaking to Deadline, he heaped praise on the movie, further calling it “breathtaking” and “exhilarating,” as he shared his thoughts on Gal Gadot’s depiction of Diana of Themyscira, the daughter of Zeus who left her Amazons on Paradise Island to enter the world of man to try to usher them into an era of peace.

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Speaking about Wonder Woman and his overall thoughts on superhero movies, he said, “This has been the best period for superhero movies we ever had. I mean there was that wonderful sunburst of the first Christopher Reeves Superman movie. That was just a ray of sunshine. We’ve had ups and downs over the years. Now look at what we’ve got. Wonder Woman is the crown jewel.”

“Without question. She is perfect,” Miller added as he lauded Jenkins’ cast and also touched on how the movie evolved and broke the perceived notion of the property being cheesy. “If I may, I think that was because of the old Lynda Carter TV show. That was a clunky old show, cute for its time and fun. But this movie managed to do everything right. The Israeli actress Gal Gadot, not only is she spectacularly beautiful but she’s heroic and she gets away with that costume. Having Chris Pine, the guy who used to be Captain Kirk, play Steve Trevor…he was impeccable in that role. Evil Nazis always work. I just thought they managed to have a real good rock ’em, sock ’em adventure movie with a genuine sense of mythology to it. The parts in Amazonia were breathtaking. Her mother, played by Connie Nielsen, she was just wonderful,” Miller stated.

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Miller is no stranger to film, having directed Will Eisner’s The Spirit as well as his Sin City property with the likes of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. His 300 graphic novel was also adapted by Zack Snyder and his work on The Dark Knight universe at DC Comics paved the way for the DCEU version of the Batman we’ll next see in November’s Justice League.

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