Harley Quinn Meets DC’s New Gods from Humphries and Timms

Apokolips is getting a new visitor in July when writer Sam Humphries joins artist John Timms on Harley Quinn #45.

When the Clown Princess of Crime meets Granny Goodness, she’s offered a spot as one of the fabled Female Furies, which will force Harley to ponder whether she wants to be a hero or a villain. This back-and-forth will play a major factor in Humphries’ run on the DC Comics title.

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“[Harley is] a top-tier character in the DC universe,” Humphries told The Washington Post. “That also comes with a mandate that allows me to exact a lot of mayhem on the comics page.”

While Timms has illustrated many of Harley’s adventures, she recently lost longtime writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. However, Humphries reassures fans that his run on Harley Quinn will still be accessible, while also bringing her closer to the larger DC Universe.

“Jimmy and Amanda had an absolutely legendary run on Harley,” Humphries said. “Five years. Fantastic stories. They’ve done just as much as anybody to shape this character. One of the things that is going to define this run is bringing [Harley] a little close to the core of the DCU. We’ll see a lot of familiar faces. Familiar places. One way to make that clear right off the jump is to bring Harley to Apokolips, which in many ways is the heart of the DC mythos. If anyone can take on Apokolips single-handed, it’s Harley Quinn.”

Harley Quinn #45 cover by Guillem March and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Finally, when Harley wakes up to find herself on Darkseid’s home turf, she’ll have her trusty mallet by her side, with some Jack Kirby inspired enhancements. “When she grabs this Kirby-infused hammer, it’s going to give her powers like she’s never had before,” the writer teased. “It’s going to be unlike any other hammers she’s ever had before and she’s a hammer enthusiast,” Humphries said with a laugh. “We’re going to see Harley use that hammer to kick a lot of [butt], but we’re also going to see her wrestle over what it means to take on that kind of power.”

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Harley Quinn #45 from Sam Humphries and John Timms arrives in July from DC Comics.

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