How the Tomb Raider Movie’s Ending Sets Up a Sequel

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the Tomb Raider franchise reboot, in theaters now.

After enduring brutal fights, unrelenting river currents and the thorny canopies of Yamatai, Lara Croft returned to London only to discover the fight had only begun. The Order of Trinity that had haunted, and ultimately killed, her father did not die with Mathias Vogel as Lara might have hoped in the final act of Tomb Raider. In fact, the ancient organization is alive and well, and it’s up to Lara and her shiny new pistols to stop it from destroying the world.

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When Lara, played by Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, finally accepts her inheritance in director Roar Uthaug’s franchise reboot, she’s given a book that lists all of Croft Holding’s assets. While briefly skimming the company’s subsidiaries, she discovers an entry for Patna Ltd. We’re shown flashes of Patna’s logo printed on the containers, cans and supplies that Trinity’s men hauled across Yamatai, revealing the organization has agents working within Lara’s company, and are led by none other than Ana Miller (played by Kristin Scott Thomas), to whom Lara handed over control of her business.


Ana’s motives for pressuring Lara into signing her inheritance claim are made so much clearer. Despite what it appeared to be in Ana’s first few scenes, her speeches and warnings about letting go and saving Richard Croft’s legacy weren’t made out of genuine care, at least not for Lara and not for the company. She said those things out of a sense of loyalty and duty to Trinity, because the order wanted control of Lord Croft’s company, likely because it needed access to his secrets and research.

Clearly, Lara isn’t yet done in this fight, but what does this mean for a possible Tomb Raider sequel?

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The late Richard Croft had a room full of antiques and research notes, and we know that Yamatai and Himiko were only a small part of his work. So while Himiko and the highly contagious virus she played host to will never be used again, that doesn’t mean the Order of Trinity has run out of options. The organization is ancient, and if it’s anything like its video game counterpart, it will have spent centuries searching for artifacts of great power. That means more firefights with Trinity soldiers and more tombs to raid, which is pretty much what Tomb Raider is about at its core.

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