Keep Cool With Japan’s Incredible Ice Cream This Summer!

While we’re dealing with this sweltering summer heat, there’s nothing better than some cold and creamy ice cream! We’re not talking about a basic chocolate or vanilla cone, though. We’re sharing with you some of the most incredible ice cream treats available around Japan this summer. Prepare your sweet tooth for what’s to come!

Let’s start off in Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku~ One of the best places to check out here is the Kotohira-gu Shinto shrine, where you can taste ice cream that’s decorated with Oiri! These sweet little balls made of rice come in a variety of bright colors, and they melt in your mouth like cotton candy. It’s said that eating them will bring happiness, and perhaps even that special someone into your life!

Next up is Jinbee Ice Cream from Osaka’s Kaiyukan aquarium! “Jinbee” is actually a reference to jinbeezame, the Japanese word for whale shark. Don’t worry, though – this ice cream just looks like a whale shark with its soda and vanilla-flavored ice cream and white polka dots~

Tokyo won’t be outdone, though. An absolutely gorgeous Rose Ice Cream is available at the Keisei Rose Garden that’ll melt your heart with its beautiful pink color! The flavor is also neutral and creamy so it’s perfect for relaxing with while you look at the beautiful flowers.

Another delicious Tokyo treat can be found at Daily Chiko in Nakano Broadway, which serves up a delightfully colorful 8 layer ice cream! Flavors include classics like strawberry and chocolate, as well as more Japan-based ones like Ramune and green tea.

Next up is Kanazawa. This beautiful city in Ishikawa prefecture is best-known as the major producer of gold leaf, so you can find it in almost everything, including ice cream!

Kyoto’s not going down without a fight, though – you can get this gorgeous green, gold and red cone at Nijo Castle!

Last but not least, we’re taking you to Yokohama. This city is home to the Cup Noodle Museum! On a hot and outrageously humid day, a hot cup of ramen doesn’t exactly sound great, but some ramen-inspired ice cream? These have savory flavors like soy sauce and curry with great toppings like shrimp, so it’s a totally unusual and indulgent treat that’ll fight those cravings for something cold!

Although we’d never turn down a classic cone, these are some ice creams we could get behind and enjoy while fighting the heat this summer. Which one would you like to have a taste of?

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