LOOK: Joe Quesada’s ‘Life of Captain Marvel’ Variant

UPDATE, 6:12pm ET: Joe Quesada posted an updated version of his Life Of Captain Marvel #1 cover on Twitter, which apparently works out the “kinks” in the previous version that was included in the original story.

Check it out below.

ORIGINAL STORY: As part of Marvel’s upcoming “fresh start,” Captain Marvel will be getting a new comic. The five-issue miniseries, The Life of Captain Marvel, will explore Carol Danvers’ early days as she comes into her newfound powers and update her origin story.

While Margaret Stohl will be on writing duties and Carlos Pacheco is handling the art, the cover for the first issue will include a variant by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada that shows Carol looking in the night sky and seeing the star that’ll eventually become her symbol.

“I always knew Joe was an incredible artistic talent, but Life has shown me a new side of him as a creator,” Stohl said in a press release. “We truly have joint custody over Carol’s origin story here, and I am so grateful to share her and this journey with him.”

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Since Carol will be having a solo movie of her own releasing in about a year, her adventures will certainly continue in comics past “Life of Captain Marvel.” When the Fresh Start begins in earnest, she’ll be a member on the Avengers’ core team alongside Jennifer Walters’ Hulk and Iron Man, who is once again Tony Stark.

The Life of Captain Marvel #1 will go on sale on July 4.

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