My Hero Academia Movie Stands Strong at 1.6 Billion Yen!

Anime film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has earned more than 1.6 billion yen in the box office as of Oct. 8 and been seen by over 1.2 million fans!

The movie officially came out on Aug. 3, so this marks its 10th week in theaters. Its box office takings can also be said to have reached “hero” levels, as 16 can be read as “hiro”, or “hero” in Japanese.

It also premiered in North American theaters on Sept. 25, and got off to a good start. The movie has since earned over 5.7 billion USD, putting it in the top 10 ranking for earnings by Japanese anime films in North America!

The movie is inspired by Horikoshi Kouhei’s manga My Hero Academia, which is currently running in Weekly Shonen Jump. Set in a world in which superpowers known as “Quirks” are the norm, the series follows Deku, a Quirkless student of superhero academy U.A. High School.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is set between the second and third seasons of the TV anime and follows Izuku and All Might’s trip to island where the world’s top scientists conduct research into Quirks.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is currently screening in cinemas across Japan.

(C) 2018 My Hero Academia The Movie Production Committee (C) Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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