New Attack on Titan Puzzle Game Released for Android!

The long-awaited smartphone game for Attack on Titan has finally arrived!

“Attack on Titan: Chain Puzzle Fever” hit digital app stores on Aug. 3. While it is currently only available on Android, iOS will quickly follow in the coming days.

Developed by Copro, “Attack on Titan: Chain Puzzle Fever” is engaging with simple yet addictive gameplay. The screen is full of orbs with mini Attack on Titan characters; all you have to do is use your finger to connect orbs of the same color to make a chain! Releasing your finger makes the orbs disappear, and you’ll score points depending on how well you did!

You can choose characters to assist you and as you improve in skill, they’ll themselves grow to acquire new abilities and special skills that you can use! With a little creativity and thought, you’ll find a duo that’ll best suit your needs and earn their weight in extra points!

The adorable chibi art is all thanks to Yupon, the artist behind Chimi Chara! No need to worry about the voices behind those chubby faces, though; all the cast members from the TV anime series recorded new lines just for this game.

“Attack on Titan: Chain Puzzle Fever” is also designed to have quick matches, which means you can entertain yourself with the game even if you only have a few moments to spare throughout the day.

To commemorate the game’s exciting launch, two different campaigns will run from until Aug. 17. The first entails login bonuses for everyone, with the chance to snag some awesome in-game items three times a day!

The second campaign gifts players who buy “diamonds” with a generous amount of freebie diamonds!

Buy 5 diamonds, get 20 free! (120 yen)
Buy 25 diamonds, get 100 free! (600 yen)
Buy 60 diamonds, get 240 free! (1,200 yen)

For those who want to play and only have iOS, don’t fret. You’ll have the same exact campaign begin the day the game rolls out!

So, what do you think? It must be a lot of fun to play this game while binging the first two seasons of Attack on Titan!

Game Details
Title: Attack on Titan: Chain Puzzle Fever
Availability: Google Play / App Store
Genre: Puzzle
Price: Free (w/ in-game purchases available.)

© Isayama Hajime / Koudansha / Attack on Titan Production Committee © COPRO

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