New Fate Anime Confirmed For Dec. 31 Premiere!

During a special Fate/Grand Order program on Nov. 27, it was announced that the popular franchise is set to launch a new anime entry as part of the Fate/Project New Year’s Eve TV Special 2018!

TROYCA will handle the animation, but no other details have been revealed aside from a teaser visual. As well as the new title, the special will include a no-cut version of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower.

Aside from the mysterious new anime, the special program also had quite a bit of Fate news to share! The biggest announcement was the beginning of the new Fate/Grand Order quest “Lostbelt No. 3: Land of Unified Knowledge SIN – Crimson Beauty Under the Moon”, which was scripted by Nitroplus writer Urobuchi Ken, the original creator of Fate/Zero.

The quest also brought along three new Servants that are now available to players: 4★ Prince of Lanling (Saber), 4★ Qin Liangyu (Lancer), and 5★ Xiang Yu (Berserker).


Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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