Pringles Inspires Crunch Session Between Hifana!

Pringles has released a promotional video featuring Japanese breakbeat duo Hifana facing off with an unconventional weapon of sound – the potato chips themselves!

Hifana’s two members KEIZOmachine! (Keizo Fukuda) and Juicy (Jun Miyata) came together with Pringles for this epic collaborative video in which they sample Pringles sounds. KEIZOmachine! and Juicy have been performing together since 1998, and at their concerts they do real-time sampling.

During the duo’s battle to prove that they’ve discovered their “good sound”, real Pringles samples are used, including the crunching sounds of eating the chips, playing on the cans like drums, and opening the lid.

The 30-second video is spreading throughout Asia including South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia, and the full version can be viewed below.

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