Saber’s Excalibur Brought to Life through Projection Mapping

Excalibur, the Noble Phantasm of Saber, a.k.a. Artoria Pendragon, is coming to life through projection mapping and illuminations in the video “Fate Kishiou wo Gankai Sasete Mita Projection Mapping”!

The publisher of the video, Gomi, is a member of the technical circle TechnoAlta, who created illuminated cosplays in the past through linking the movements of a smartphone and a sword. Another notable work of theirs is Hijiri Byakuren’s “Majin Kyoukan” (Sorcerer’s Sutra Scroll) from Touhou Project.

Instead of swinging the sword in accordance with the projection mapping, the latter is drawn based on the sword’s movements, which are recognized and recreated in real time. Made with a 3D printer, the Excalibur contains a control module equipped with acceleration sensors for the illumination, mixing technology with cosplay TechnoAlta style.

The plates look like real metal!

This video is the result of specialists from various fields working together for a half year as volunteers. Gomi did the planning and programming as well as directed the video. The background featuring Fuyuki, the city where Fate/Zero is staged and where Saber unleashed her Excalibur, was created by Megadebu and mon7. The armor and forearm plates were molded by Wasabi, with the sword by dai.

The video also includes explanations on the technological background and behind the scenes footage, so be sure to stick through to the end!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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