Shane West Teases Bane’s Debut With Menacing First Look

With Gotham‘s fifth and final season currently in production, one of the show’s newest additions has heralded his arrival as the Bane of the show.

Shane West, who’ll be portraying Eduardo Dorrance, aka Bane’s father, has made his presence felt via a sepia-toned video of himself on Twitter with a mask over his mouth.

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West was cast as Dorrance earlier this summer as an old army associate of Jim Gordon who’ll be coming to Gotham to establish order once more after the Season 4 finale ended with the “No Man’s Land” storyline unfolding.

This, of course, leaves the city under siege with the likes of Penguin, Barbara Kean and Firefly among the many who are staking out their territory. What’s interesting about West donning this mask is that fans are speculating rather than playing King Snake, this could be misdirection and he may well be Bane himself.

Fox has never shied away from fiddling with the Batman mythos, and with Episode 8 of the shortened 10-episode season titled “I Am Bane,” it remains to be seen if he’s truly the masked vigilante who’s set to become one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest enemies.

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