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1)【What’s “TOKYO CHRONOS”?】
“TOKYO CHRONOS” is the latest project from Japanese video game studio MyDearest, focusing on immersion and storytelling via virtual reality. In this game, the suspense and drama are told via a mix of gorgeous visual animation and a new comic book style UI, taking its inspiration from both animation and the visual novel genre and bringing them together in a brand new way. The project team is led by Kazuma Miki, the producer of Sword Art Online.

VR allows you to look around, discover new details, new things each time and listen to the surroundings unlike ever before in a visual novel adventure via a dynamic sound system. The characters truly come alive right before your eyes, deepening the experience. The team behind TOKYO CHRONOS is a smorgasbord of industry veterans and talents, promising to deliver the very best in Japanese entertainment to the world of VR!

*When, and why, have we become separated?
A group of eight childhood friends —
The time has come for the truth to be revealed.
Trapped in an empty, deserted Shibuya where time has frozen over.
A strange world where the eight disappear one by one.

— I am dead. Who killed me?*

2) 【Character Introduction】

Kyosuke Sakurai (CV: Yuto Uemura)
Protagonist. 16 year-old attending high school in Shibuya. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the “Chronos World”, an empty, deserted Shibuya where time has frozen. Has a peaceful and caring personality. While the others become suspicious of one another, he tries his best to trust them. Back in his elementary school days, it seems that he was the leader of the 8 childhood friends, but…

CV. Yuto Uemura – DARLING in the FRANXX (Hiro)

Karen Nikaido (CV: Yui Ishikawa)
A quiet and mysterious girl. Calm but strong-willed. Wears a red ribbon as her trademark. Moved in when she was in elementary school. She was alone until Sakurai invited her into his group of friends. In the “Chronos World”, she acts curtly against Sakurai but…

CV. Yui Ishikawa – Attack on Titan (Mikasa Ackerman)

Yu Momono (CV: Ibuki Kido)
A girl with a simple and innocent personality. Has known Sakurai for the longest. Lived nextdoor to Sakurai, and grew up together like siblings. Even as a high school student now, she always sticks to Sakurai. She is in the Camera Club, and brings with her a pink camera at all times.

CV. Ibuki Kido – Eromanga Sensei (Mugumi Jinno)

Yuria Togoku (CV: Shoko Yuzuki)
Despite the childish look and actions, she is a genius physicist acknowledged by the government. Carrys around a strange stuffed animal that she named Patty. She acts at her own pace, but when something happened within the group of friends, she has always helped solve the problem using her intelligence.

CV. Shoko Yuzuki – Violet Evergarden (Bluebell Unoa)

Sai Kamiya (CV: Romi PARK)
He is the class president at his high school and the son of a well-known politician. Having handsome looks, an intelligent mind, athletic prowess and very few if any faults, he is the perfect person. Considered the brains among the 8 friends, in the past he used to lead the group alongside Sakurai. With the deep, personal connections he has, any problem is easily solved.
In the CHRONOS world though, something doesn’t seem right with him…

CV. Romi PARK – Fullmetal Alchemist (Edward Elric)

Ai Morozumi (CV: Azu Sakura)
She is the vice president of the student council at her high school and is the cool but serious type. What is right is of utmost important to her and she’s hard on others and even herself in that regard. She’s always held that belief even in grade school which caused others to shun her but Sai came to her aid and from that point on she has had absolute faith in him.
Though she’s tough on others, it is not because she’s cold-hearted. Along with being the oldest daughter in a large family, she genuinely cares a lot about others.

CV. Azu Sakura – My Hero Academia (Mei Hatsume)

Throughout the campaign more characters will be revealed. Who will be revealed next? Stay tuned and find out!

3)【About Production Staff】

Director:Haruki Kashiwakura (Motion Director of Expelled from Paradise)
Scriptwriter:Kou Segawa (Mystery Writer, Konya, Kimi ni Korosareta to shitemo)
Producer:Kazuma Miki (Editor/Producer of Sword Art Online)
Character Design:LAM (Illustrator)
Publisher:Sekai Project (Steam publisher for CLANNAD & NEKOPARA)
Promotional Consultant:Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

4)【Support TOKYO CHRONOS Kickstarter Campaign!】
We have launched the Kickstarter Campaign on July 10th. The project members behind the production have been involved well-known properties such as Sword Art Online.
Diving into the world of anime and games, the dream of everyone’s childhood will finally come true.

“TOKYO CHRONOS” is a VR visual novel mystery adventure, making use of the latest VR technology for your home computer and PSVR console, letting you DIVE into the adventure and mystery directly! This is your chance to be part of the production, and experience the revolution as it unfolds before your very eyes!

This is a fairly ambitious project but we’re hoping to raise money to cover development costs and also make some fantastically awesome goods for backers as well. With a star-studded cast behind the scenes, we hope to make TOKYO CHRONOS the ultimate adventure for both experienced visual novel fans and those brand new to the genre!

The rewards contain the game digital keys and autographs of the casts.


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