Teen Titan’s Crush Is Lobo’s Illegitimate Daughter

New details have been revealed regarding Crush, an upcoming member of the Teen Titans. Not only is she the illegitimate daughter of Lobo, but she was also raised in a foster home and doesn’t know who her parents are.

“In the real world, would it be too hard to believe that someone like Lobo, in the ’90s or early 2000s, got drunk in a bar in New Mexico, and had a one-night stand, four or five times?” incoming Teen Titans writer Adam Glass told Syfy at WonderCon. “[Laughs] And he a had a kid out there that he wouldn’t know about. So we created this character named Crush, who is a 15-year-old girl who does not know her father, doesn’t want to know her father. She’s read everything there is to know about her father, she knows what’s out there about him, so if she ever met him, she’d chop his head off and use it as an ashtray. The attitude doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

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“To me, Crush is created because of my daughter, so Crush is girl rage, she’s fight club,” Glass added. “She says it the way it is and doesn’t care. There’s no politically correct with her, she’s a hammer, and I think is going to be a really fun character for the DCU. She was raised in a foster home so she doesn’t know her mom or her dad, so there’s a mystery to who her mom could be too.”

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July’s Teen Titans #20 from Glass and artist Bernard Chang will see Robin recruit Kid Flash and Red Arrow, along with new characters Crush, Djinn and Roundhouse to the team.

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