Tubi TV Adds Creamy Mami, Virtua Fighter Anime – News

Streaming service Tubi TV has added Pierrot‘s Magical Angel Creamy Mami magical girl television anime series and the Virtua Fighter anime. The service is streaming Magical Angel Creamy Mami in Japanese with English subtitles and Virtua Fighter in English.

Digital Media Rights’ AsianCrush and Midnight Pulp streaming websites began streaming the Creamy Mami anime in the United States and Canada in March. Asian Crush began streaming the Virtua Fighter anime in July.

The original Magical Angel Creamy Mami anime aired from 1983 to 1984, and it inspired various manga and OVAs in the 80s. The story follows 10-year-old Yuu, who gains magical abilities after encountering a spaceship. She uses her newly acquired powers to become a 17-year-old pop star and hopefully win the heart of her crush.

The Virtua Fighter series based on Sega‘s fighting game franchise debuted in 1995. Media Blasters released the anime on VHS volumes from 2000 to 2001, and on DVD in 2003.

Tubi TV describes the anime:

Akira Yuki begins his quest in search of his true inner strength and character, and the eight shining stars only visible to those who have mastered this strength from within. Along his journey he meets Pai, Jacky, and Sarah and they all finish their journey together as the Virtua Fighters.

Source: Tubi TV (link 2) via WTK (link 2)

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