Universal Studios Japan Returns With Sailor Moon and More!

2019 will mark the 5th year of Universal Studios Japan event “Universal Cool Japan”, and it’s been announced that this will be the biggest yet. Not only will the park welcome back major works like Detective Conan, Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Sailor Moon, but the charming thief of Lupin III will also be making his first appearance!

The six universes will be explored across a total of eight attractions to see, experience, and enjoy over two periods: the Spring Term, from Jan. 18 until Jun. 23, and the Summer Term from May 31 until Aug. 25.

The Spring Term will include Detective Conan and Lupin III. During this period you can check out Conan’s escape game, restaurant, and rally, and an XR ride and restaurant for Lupin.

That leaves Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion and
Sailor Moon for the Summer Term. There will be a show for Attack on Titan, a collab theater attraction for Godzilla and Evangelion, and one more theater attraction for Sailor Moon.

With all of these worlds and characters, it’s no surprise that this year’s event will take the whole thing to a new scale, so don’t miss this chance to see your favorite characters and worlds larger than life!

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